Perceptions From the Photon Frequency K.A. Chinery


Published: January 6th 2014

Kindle Edition

650 pages


Perceptions From the Photon Frequency  by  K.A. Chinery

Perceptions From the Photon Frequency by K.A. Chinery
January 6th 2014 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 650 pages | ISBN: | 7.35 Mb

Alcyone Vobis, a self-perceived displaced soul, has spent most of her life trying to understand the two biggest questions since the beginning of time: “Who is God and why are we here?”Alcy’s life is plagued with frustration and disgust as she tries to find solace in a toxic society of greed, selfishness and deception. Through years of self-loathing, recklessness and suicidal thoughts, Alcy disconnects from a paradigm of conditioned delusions and misinterpreted struggles in search of an understanding that would release her from her suffering.Propelled by an incessant subconscious dialog between her ego and her Soul, Alcy is driven far beyond the plateau of mortal reason and ascends into a frequency of perception far beyond the confines of her three dimensional reality.Alcy begins to see her delusions of life’s misinterpreted struggles transcend into infinite wisdom.

Her extraordinary ability of recognizing and deciphering the clues of reality, connects all of life’s mysteries and diverse sacred texts to one single Source, illuminating a world of understanding that would eventually change the perception of a subliminally controlled, ego driven world. Is this the key to enlightenment that she has been searching for all of her life?This book spotlights common life experiences, interpreted with Divine perception, to illuminate the profound reason for life and its perceived struggles. This unique novel of unconventional wisdom is written for those who are questioning the current paradigm and unfulfilled prophesies, and those who feel lost in trying to understand the purpose of their own existence.This deeply personal journey into the human psyche takes a unique approach to spiritual enlightenment that directly confronts the confusion and despair that many people experience in their lives.

The unconventional approach allows the importance of the lessons learned to shine through, while dispelling conventional and outdated viewpoints that society mindlessly adheres to. A deeply spiritual novel, Alcyone’s journey possesses the compelling content needed to completely engage readers while urging them down a path toward their own higher consciousness.This novel is a thought-provoking read that arouses a heightened mindset of latent thoughts and Divine curiosity. With a sympathetic character, compelling story, and deep spiritual content, this novel entertains readers while opening up a philosophical new gateway between their egos and Souls.

A groundbreaking book of Divine teachings, Perceptions from the Photon Frequency offers a transcendent new philosophy that will lead readers to a place of a higher wisdom and elevated consciousness.Through this compelling story, Chinerys heightened perspective connects all of lifes beauty, struggles and awe to One single Source, bringing together the diversity of the world through sacred texts and human emotions, illuminating the undeniable fact that we truly are One.Further insights can be found at

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