Within Walking Distance Philip A Langdon

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Within Walking Distance  by  Philip A Langdon

Within Walking Distance by Philip A Langdon
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A growing number of people are forsaking cars and walking more, and this is affecting how communities function and how they look. Within Walking Distance looks at walkable places (both urban and suburban), explains why they matter and offers a proposal for how to create or improve them.Within Walking Distance opens with five chapters that tell about five very different communities across the country that are comfortable and inviting for people getting around on foot.

Langdon give readers a sense of what its like to live, work, and go about every day activities in each of the five communities. After portraying these communities, Langdon presents a series of chapters explaining why Americans need walkable, convenient, comfortable communities now more than ever.The book tells why walking is good for people - physically, emotionally and in other respects. It shows readers that a walkable environment is more than an urban amenity- it is an aid to coping with economic difficulties, a source of socialability and human connection and a buttress to independence.

Langdons intent is to identify, in absorbing detail, the traits that support walkable, socialable, well-functioning places.

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